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Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Blog!

Dear GPM Clam Antivirus users,

I have created a new blog for GPM Clam Antivirus, please redirect to this blog: that will be our new blog and this blog will be outdated or possibly be deleted in the future.

Thank You

GPM Clam Antivirus v14.3b

GPM Clam AntiVirus v14.3b (Released: May 8 2014)
A powerful OpenSource Antivirus for your PC, includes: explorer context menu extension, system cleaner, Tray Menu Mode, Integrated GUI, Fast Scanner, Real-Time Virus Scanner, Autorun.inf Removal Tool, Registry Virus Remover,Disk Cleaner Process Cleaner, Task Manager, Files & Folders Healer, USB Status Monitor, AdBlocker and uses the open source Clam AntiVirus engine.
-ClamAV Engine 0.98.1
- NEW AdBlocker – Blocks Ads and helps to speed up web browsing.
-REMOVED ChatBox (due to IE Vulnerability)
-NEW Memory Scan in the Main GUI
-NEW Auto-Update ClamAV Virus Database Every 5 hrs.
-FIXED Auto-Update/Real-Time Protection
-NEED to Run as Administrator Every Time
-VERIFY GPM Clam AV Setup File by using GPG
File: GPM_Antivirus_setup_v14.3b_nodb.exe
SHA-1 Hash:
File: GPM_Antivirus_setup_v14.3b_nodb.exe.asc
SHA-1 Hash:

Main GUI

GPM Tray

Autorun Remover



Registry Antivirus

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dear GPM Antivirus users

Dear GPM Antivirus,
GPM Antivirus is back! But there are changes, GPM Antivirus is changed to GPM Clam Antivirus.
More details at the download sites! Download @

Thank You!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bad News

Dear GPM Software users, Unfortunately GPM Antivirus on has been removed, I are working to re-upload all the files to be available for download.  Thank You

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New blog for GPM Softwares

Please visit for more GPM Softwares.

Dear Users of GPM Antivirus.....

Dear Users of GPM Antivirus,
GPM Antivirus w/ ClamAV Scan Engine will be discontinued.  Thank You for your support to this software.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

GPM Antivirus 11 Torrent

Torrent Details:
GPM Antivirus v11
Includes the ff. update:
* GUI Update
* ClamAV Engine Update

GPM AV 11 with virus database
GPM AV 11 without database
GPM AV 11 without database and only for updating gpmav

Created by GPM

Download the torrent @